Car And Automobile Dealership Construction

80% of our commercial construction projects come from our car dealership clients in the Northern Virginia area! Whether you’re looking for a brand new dealership or a “refresh” and want to rehab your current dealership, we do it all!

Building Your Car Dealership Within The Design Intent Document

Every dealership or car company has their own set of rules for how the dealership needs to look. Some of these are more rigid than others which requires the flexibility of their construction company to build to their specs.

Benefits of using a construction company that specializes in car dealerships

Due to the fact that such a large percent of our commercial work comes from car dealerships, we’re used to building and rehabbing these. Whether we design the blueprints or we receive them from the architect, the flexibility that Stonehill Builders has to work with the pre-approved vendors to ensure project approval is backed by years and years of experience.

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