Commercial Construction Services In Northern Virginia

Haymarket, Chantilly and the rest of the Northern Virginia region seems to always have new businesses being started. Each new business that has a brick and mortar location wants to have their own look and feel that reflects them.

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Commercial Construction Services We Provide

Tenant Upfit

Tenant upfit is one of the most common services that we provide to our commercial clients that are looking to renovate their space. What this is is taking an existing space and “fitting” it to make it your own and fit your needs.

How Does A Tenant Upfit Work?

There are many factors that can affect the design and build process for an upfit. The main one being what the space looks like initially. As you can imagine, the beginning of the process varies based on whether the space is brand new or if it’s already home to another business.

Commercial Construction Management

Construction Management is Project Management in the construction world. So what a construction manager does is oversee the construction project from start to finish. From the planning and design to the building and completion of the project, the CM is there to handle it all.

How Does Construction Management Work?

If you already have your own contractors that you want to help to outfit your commercial building, bringing everyone together to make sure the process goes well is the job of a Construction Manager. Here at Stonehill Builders, we make sure that the project stays on time and under budget. We also work with architects if you’ve already got one picked out. We like to have very hands on meetings with them just to make sure that everything is happening as close to design as possible!

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