New Construction Homes In Northern Virginia

Build Your Own Dream Home From The Ground-Up

Are you considering building a new home in Northern Virginia?

Well, we can help! We’re a firm believer of transparency so we’re here to break down the whole process for you. From what it’s like to work with a construction crew to expectations along the way, let Stonehill Builders be your resource.

Building Your New Home: The Process
Price Of A New Home

To begin this process, the homeowner will most likely search around and find their ideal residential construction crew. When looking for a crew, don’t just base who you decide to go with on the lowest price. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. This builder might be the lowest price for a certain reason aka they might not be very good.
  2. They could be lowballing the other construction companies and then will put “change orders” in place.

A change order is when the work order changes and the company could potentially start to charge you for “extras” that were not originally part of the contract. Although this is not fair by any means, it’s also not uncommon unfortunately.

At Stonehill Builders, we have a very open qualification process to learn everything about your dream home from the beginning so we can limit these change orders as much as possible. In fact, about 80% of our customers finish their home for the agreed upon price. The other 20% opt for upgrades at some point during the process!

Timeline Of Your Home Build

Sometimes a construction crew seems to be able to get your home built in a much faster timeframe than all of the companies. While every crew can vary, the average time to build a new home in the Northern Virginia are is about a year. The longest part of the process is in the beginning when a lot of the design decisions are made. This is also the time when all the permits need to be acquired!

Once the designs are finalized, the actual build will take about 6 months assuming no changes are made.

Communication With The Construction Crew

This is where every residential construction company differs. Some are very communicative, while others are impossible to get ahold of. One thing to consider when choosing between companies is if they use software to keep you up to date every step of the way. At Stonehill, we use Co-Construct which gives you access to the progress of your home every step of the way! This is where you can see the contract, pictures, milestones hit, etc.

Our Goal:

One of the primary reasons Stonehill Company stands out against other Virginia home builders is our goal of uniting families and friends by building functional, beautiful homes.
If you’d like to begin your journey to the home of your dreams, contact our team today for more information.

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